Vision: The Academy of Ukrainian Press (AUP) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization that inspires media education key initiatives and professional re-training of journalists in Ukraine, spreads media literacy and the European standards of journalism, actively informs Ukrainian society by means of  publishing its research findings and popularizing literature on media topics.

Mission: The Academy of Ukrainian Press promotes critical and informed media consumption by Ukrainian society and following the standards of socially responsible journalism in Ukraine.

Long-term goal of our organization: To improve the quality of journalism and actively support media development by means of educating civil society in Ukraine, inspiration of media education network, creation and popularizing of informational products aimed at fostering media literacy among people, organizing events which encourage the representatives of media outlets to fulfill their professional duties according to the democratic norms and standards. 


  1. Foster a culture of media consumption oriented to those media which follow the journalistic standards and journalistic ethics while informing people.
  2. Cultivate critical thinking and media literacy skills among civil society by means of media education.
  3. Encourage the improvement of quality journalism and loyalty to the journalism standards by means of training.
  4. Implement media education as the obligatory component of Ukrainian educational system.

Our organizational culture

  • Strongly result orientated and less output orientated
  • Cooperation and coordination;
  • Innovations in the project activity.

Activity goals of AUP:

  1. Under the framework of the ‘Social Journalism School’ improve the qualification of journalists from all over Ukraine:
  • Coverage of Healthcare Reform
  • Coverage of Energy Reform
  • Coverage of Judicial Reform
  • Coverage of Administrative Reform and
  • Decentralization
  • Clear Coverage of Economy
  • Coverage of the European Integration Processes in Ukraine
  • World Journalistic Standards
  • EU Policy in Ukrainian Media Environment
  • European Standards of Print Media. Newspaper Management and Marketing
  • Online Journalism
  • Conflict-Sensitive Journalism
  • Journalism Standards during the Hostilities
  • Military Reportage
  • Digital and Physical Security of Journalists
  1. To conduct research of Ukrainian media environment

Monitoring research of Ukrainian media by content-analysis method has become one of AUP’s most successful attainments since the time of organization’s founding. Received findings inform about the quality, balance and pluralism in media coverage realized by National TV channels, and put the attention to potential cases of manipulation. Our monitoring results are published in order to inform the public about partiality of most influential Ukrainian media outlets and spread this ‘barometer’ of professional standards among journalists.

  1. To build and support the groups of leading media education teachers in elementary, secondary and higher education 
  • Preparation of manuals for different audience
  • Use of international experience in media education
  • Providing capacity for life-long education in partnership with libraries and public sector
  • Summer and Winter Schools of AUP
  • International scientific and methodological conferences ‘Practical Media Literacy: International Experience and Ukrainian Perspectives’
  1. To enlarge and promote the ‘Library of Mass Communication and Media Literacy’ – the best examples of practical handbooks on journalism, media education and mass communication which help Ukrainian journalists and teachers to improve their level of proficiency.

 Types of activity:

  • Trainings and consultations to teachers who deal with media education in higher and secondary schools
  • Public representation and advocacy of media education in Ukraine
  • Preparation of publications and editorials in the domain of mass communication and journalism
  • Information campaigns on the basis of media monitoring data
  • Research on media, media situation, media law
  • Providing training for journalists and teachers;
  • Public representation of international journalistic standards in Ukrainian media environment

Target groups:

  • Journalists and media community of Ukraine
  • International organizations
  • Educational establishments
  • Public libraries
  • Ministries and Offices
  • Internally displaced people
  • Public committees and associations (in the domain of media, journalism and education)
  • Ukrainian civil society.

Values of activity:

  • Ethics
  • Trust
  • Critical thinking
  • Mutual respect/-politeness
  • Pedagogical correctness;
  • Innovativeness.

The programme of AUP provides the opportunities for professional journalism development and emergence of independent media in Ukraine. AUP is a leader and initiator in the field of media education development in Ukraine and a resource for upgrade of journalism standards.