Andrii Zagoruiko

SEPTEMBER 9, 1974 — NOVEMBER 3, 2022


Andrii was laid to rest almost three months after demise, on February 21, 2023. It took this long to establish his identity with DNA tests. This media professional got killed in mortar and artillery shelling outside Spirne village, just near Bakhmut. He and his brothers-in-arms were on their way from combat duty, when the russian military opened fire.

Andrii was born in Donetsk oblast, a village called Novoukraiinka. He graduated with excellence in the math faculty from the Donetsk National University. He was a teacher for 8 years and started his television career at the production studio «Finfort-TV» in 2004. He later worked at the «Tonis» and «City» TV channels.

In 2012, Andrii became a TV presenter for the «Kyiv» channel. He was a director at first and later became the author of a history project «Kyiv stories». Over the course of eleven years, Andrii managed to cover the prominent Kyiv residents, hundreds of events, and organized tours of various parts of the capital.

Andrii was a patriot. He always spoke Ukrainian. He was part of the Revolution of Dignity and documented the events, later passing on his archive to the Museum of Maidan. He was among those who were holding the line, when the protesters were hassled to disperse in December of 2013.

He went to war at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, on March 1, 2022. He was serving in the 25th Separate Infantry Battalion in the MANPADS platoon. His family members say that he could not have done otherwise, for he was a man of great conscience and honesty. Three days prior to his death, the squad got under fire: Andrii did not leave the group, he provided assistance and waited for evacuation with everybody else.

His friends reminisce that Andrii was a sincere and empathetic person, a professional in several fields. «There were no limits which he could not transcend», his relatives say. It was the limits of his hometown Donetsk that were unescapable for Andrii.

His brother Vitalii is at war as well. «I will not cry for You. We don’t cry for Warriors. I will miss You. I am proud of you, Brother! There, in the afterlife, You will be proud of me too», said Vitalii. The soldier was buried at the Heroes Alley of the Lukianivske Cemetery in Kyiv.