Dmytro Rybakov

APRIL 19, 1975 — JULY 18, 2023


The body of Dmytro Rybakov could not be retrieved from the combat zone for three days: that part of Ukrainian soil that he defended alongside his brothers-in-arms was under such a heavy shelling, that it was impossible to come closer or retreat.

At the front, the reporter often communicated with his friends, and talked about the hard conditions they were forced to fight in. His family believed that Dmytro could have been an excellent press-officer, yet he voluntarily chose the hardest and the most demanding job at war — foot soldier in the assault brigade. Dmytro was in charge of the brigade, and was leading his men into battle. He dared to take on the absolute risk. His friends say that Dmytro was clearly assessing the circumstances, and was fully aware of all the dangers.

Before the big war, Dmytro worked as a reporter and editor for media outlets like Forbes Ukraine, LB, «Ukrayinska Pravda», Chas.News. In his materials, he put the spotlight on pressing matters: economic and technological development of Ukraine, business, fighting corruption, global politics, and often wrote on historical subjects.

He graduated from I.I. Mechnikov Odesa National University, also studied in the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and Kyiv School of Economics. Dmytro held a PhD in historical sciences. He was born in Azerbaijan.

With the full-scale invasion, Dmytro joined the ranks of Ukraine defenders. He enlisted in the Armed Forces of Ukraine voluntarily. A bit later, for his heroism and bravery, Dmytro was appointed the infantry unit commander in the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade «Magura». Family members say that Dmytro never backed down, he was always pressing forward and never refused even the most suicidal missions.

He was killed during an offensive on Melitopol direction in Zaporizhzhia Oblast. His brigade had to engage in combat first, to storm the enemy positions. They pierced through the most solid line of russian defenses in the South, where the russians located all of their forces and reserves. The newsman is survived by his wife and two daughters.

Dmytro had a callsign «Reporter». He was a journalist by trade and a true warrior by nature. He was a keen sportsman and did triathlons. He passed on this affection to one of his daughters. «Too defiant, too rebellious», they used to say about Dmytro.

Back in May 2021, Dmytro was trying to convince his colleague Yevhen Hordeichyk to work on extensive material about the russian federation preparing for war against Ukraine. To prove his point, Dmytro presented calculations that in the next 10 to 15 years, the russian income from fossil fuel trade would decline. This means the empire will be on the brink. The only thing russia «sells» is the fear of its aggressive conduct. Attack on Ukraine is supposed to be exactly that, a demonstration of horror, which russia is willing to bestow upon the world. «Events unfolded exactly the way Dmytro thought they would. <...> Buddy, I was so wrong. You were right all along...», later posted Yevhen on his social media page.