Oleksii Borys

JUNE 17, 1995 — FEBRUARY 9, 2023


On February 24, 2022, Oleksii asked his colleagues whether he could draft the future’s week editorial on the full-scale war. The very next day, the journalist and his father were on their way to training grounds. One more month later, he was in the east front line territories. Oleksii volunteered to join the military; he couldn’t do otherwise. He had said many times he was going to defend his country. «I will not be ashamed to look my future kids in the eyes and tell them where I was when they came to conquer Ukraine», the journalist stated.

The reporter served in the 58th Infantry Brigade. First, he was in a Reconnaissance Company with a rank of a private. Then Oleksii was transferred to the Anti-Tank Artillery Division, where he was a spotter. He was conducting aerial reconnaissance using a drone. A little later, Oleksii was promoted to the anti-tank artillery battery commander. «This is no posh talk — I know fully well that Ukraine will come out victorious. Despite all the hard times, we shall reclaim our territories», said Oleksii.

Oleksii was a correspondent for «Legal Newspaper». He also used to work for a legal company Arzinger. He graduated from the military department with a rank of junior lieutenant.

He really loved cats, and never shied away from paying attention to any of them. He was fond of Odesa city and used to spend almost every vacation there. He couldn't hold himself back at events with music and microphones; Oleksii was in love with singing and karaoke. In May 2022, just a day before moving to Donbas, Oleksii made his dream come true — he married his beloved wife without showmanship and festivities. «My family supported my decision, although they are very worried about me. There was no resistance on their behalf. This was a conscious decision», said Oleksii.

His relatives say that he could not stand hypocrites and never tolerated betrayal. His friendship and his love were wholehearted. He regularly wrote from the front to his friends that he really missed journalism. He believed in strong friendships, purest love and free Ukraine.

Oleksii considered the day of May 21, 2022, his second birthday. He was assembling the cannon on a combat mission, when heavy artillery shelling broke out in just a few minutes. A crucial detail to note is that Oleksii took off his bulletproof vest and helmet in order to set up a compass. In order to do this there can’t be any magnetic elements on a soldier, because it can affect the correct alignment to the magnetic north. «This horrific, blood-chilling feeling when the shells are flying over you <...> in this stretch of time, I was asking “God, will I never see my wife again?” — later said the journalist in one of the interviews.

Oleksii was killed on the front lines of Donetsk.