Comics - a new tool for studying media education


On September 1, a live presentation of the educational platform "Media Education Comic Book at School: How to Resist Disinformation and Propaganda" was held.

The purpose of the platform is:

increase the popularity of teaching media literacy and critical thinking in schools by creating relevant educational content - a platform that will build resistance to disinformation and manipulation through the use of creative tools of media education comics.

Oksana Voloshenyuk, an expert on media education and media literacy and author of textbooks and programs, presented the new development: "The comic book develops skills of critical thinking and critical analysis of media messages. We thought about how to continue working with such a tool as a comic book and wanted to make a holistic product that would consist of certain puzzles that would complement each other.

We have named it the educational platform "Media Education Comic Book in School: How to Resist Disinformation and Propaganda". As part of this platform, we will try to show different methods and approaches to what a comic book can be.

The comic book prism allows us to talk to children more empathetically about certain processes. We also want to supplement the possibilities of teaching media literacy at school with the possibility of developing critical thinking through such relevant artistic content. Soon, you will be able to see two new comics from AUP. As well as methodological developments, for example, "Comics as Educational Potential", "Comics in Science Classes" and "Comics in Art Classes".

We invite everyone to join the Media Education Comic Book webinar series.