SUCCESS STORIES from respondents to the 2023 annual survey


SUCCESS STORIES from respondents to the 2023 annual survey

Greetings, friends!

We have prepared a short series of stories about how we could be useful to educators in the field of media literacy.

We share this in the format of success stories from respondents to our annual survey.

Today, Associate Professor Valentyna Stekolshchykova shares her experience.

If you are inspired and feel it appropriate to share your story with the AUP, let's get in touch. We will share your story on our resources. It is very valuable to receive feedback from dedicated educators. It motivates.___________

"The world of young people has become richer in infoliterate tools thanks to the AUP"

(c) Valentyna Stekolshchykova

My name is Valentyna Stekolshchykova. I am the Head of the Department of Journalism and Philology at the International Classical University, PhD in Social Communications, Associate Professor. We have been cooperating with the Academy of Ukrainian Press (AUP) since 2018, and we are active participants in various projects, trainings, and webinars.

The war did not stop us, but encouraged us to interact even more. The department involves students of different courses in AUP projects. This allows young people to immerse themselves in the world of media, media communications, and media literacy. We can observe changes in the perception of the media product of those who join the events.

We regularly receive printed publications from the AUP, and we have created a small library in the media room. It is noteworthy that students of other specialties are eager to read and are interested in various media literacy publications.

For example, students majoring in preschool education and primary education asked for links to media literacy publications for subject teachers. "Lawyers" asked to be connected to Tetiana Ivanova's online bridges with international experts. "Financiers" subscribed to your expert Hanna Gorlenko after reviewing the manual "Media Literacy in Financial Literacy Classes".

I consider this a great achievement, because I have involved students of various specialties in media literacy. This has made their world richer with infoliterate tools thanks to the AUP.

Personally, I adore your speakers Tatiana and Valeriy Ivanov, Andriy Yurychko, Oleksandr Horokhovsky, and Serhiy Shturhetsky. At the beginning of the war, I was delighted with your events: informative, knowledgeable, well-founded, and top-level verification.

I was proud and honored to meet AUP Executive Director Andriy Kovalenko when he was at Mykolaiv airport with international journalists in the first months of the war.

Your projects inspired us to create more than 10 student projects, including: "Important Angle", "Medialikar", "Ready to Ask", "Inspector Orlyk", etc.

Thank you for being there, for helping us develop and implement your materials in our educational process, trainings for teachers, lecturers, and librarians. We wish you inspiration!