SUCCESS STORIES from respondents to the 2023 annual survey


Greetings, friends!

We have prepared a short series of stories about how we could be useful to educators in the field of media literacy.

We share these in the format of success stories from respondents to our annual survey.

Today, we'd like to share the experience of a media literacy teacher Svitlana Pylypchuk.

If you are inspired and feel it is appropriate to share your story with the UBA, let's get in touch. We will share your story on our resources. It is very valuable to receive feedback from dedicated educators. It motivates.


"Thanks to the AUP, I was able to positively influence a significant number of people"

(c) Svitlana Pylypchuk

My name is Svitlana Pylypchuk. I would like to tell you about my achievements, which became possible thanks to the media literacy course and the initiatives of the Academy of Ukrainian Press (AUP).

I'm pretty sure that becoming a media literacy trainer thanks to the AUP has changed a lot in my life. The certificate recognizing me as a learning coach was the beginning of a significant chain of events. I want to believe that thanks to them, I was able to positively influence a significant number of people.

I'll start from the beginning. In the summer, when I was not inspired to teach, I completed a training program, the successful condition for completing which was to pass on the experience to others. At the time, it was quite a challenge for me, but at the same time, it was a premonition to be a part of something important.

At the beginning of the academic year, I organized a webinar for my chemistry colleagues. The webinar went well, the feedback was great. I still remember how it was. That was how my first "media literate" swallow flew into the world.

Then I organized a training session for high school students. During the training, I introduced them to the main moments in life where it is possible, worthwhile, and critically necessary to show media literacy.

My training was completed and confirmed by the training of others. I realized that I wanted to move on. And so I did - step by step, application by application, attempt by attempt, I was able to use the knowledge I had gained and share it with others.

Looking for opportunities to develop myself and benefit society, I became a volunteer teacher for the Proton TV channel (Lviv). I was scared and had an extreme impostor syndrome, I had my doubts. Nevertheless, I created a program and started teaching media literacy.

People listened to me, the classes continued, and people learned information relevant to their lives, health, and mental peace. My online lecturing activities have probably helped at least a few mature individuals develop new skills. I really appreciate this experience and am grateful for it.

In addition to teaching, I keep track of the AUP's activities - I monitor announcements of events and new publications. I join many initiatives. I listen with enthusiasm, get inspired and learn. I participate in contests and develop presentations, games, and lesson plans.

After the AUP trainings, I didn't know everything about media literacy, I didn't become a guru in the topic, but I share my experience in all ways. Many of my texts have been imbued with this topic and its echoes, many conversations have been held on the topic, and many conclusions have been drawn.

I shared my experience with the students during educational hours and talks: I warned people against something, wrote texts and created developments.

When I realized that I could do more, I volunteered or asked for speaking engagements. Finally, I made my webinar. Almost three hundred people have watched it now. Have I made a global impact on the world? No. But I want to believe that among those people to whom I have told something about media literacy, there are at least a few people whom I have helped to change their view and attitude towards information, its analysis and interpretation. According to the theory of probability, there are even good chances for this.


I was able to share my experience and knowledge. All my steps forward in the field of media literacy have a place and meaning... and I am sure they will be even more global.

About my experience: