SUCCESS STORIES from the respondents of the annual survey 2023


Greetings, friends!

We have prepared a short series of stories about how we could be useful to educators in the field of media literacy.

We share these in the format of success stories from respondents to our annual survey.

Today we are going to share the experience of teacher Lyudmyla Kozubai.

If you are inspired and feel it is appropriate to share your story with the ULA, let's get in touch. We will share your story on our resources. It is very valuable to receive feedback from dedicated educators. It motivates 😎


Attending AUP events has become a mandatory part of my self-education and everyday life."

(c) Lyudmyla Kozubay

My cooperation with the AUP began in 2019. It was preceded by a period of "immersion in media literacy". I first heard about media education in general secondary education at the International Conference "Language and Culture" in 2014. I became interested, started collecting information, communicating with like-minded people, and took all the distance media literacy courses on various educational platforms.

That's how I learned about AUP. I consider my greatest luck to be participating in an in-person training in Vinnytsia in February 2019. I saw an invitation to participate, registered and got to an amazing event - a training for media literacy trainers!

Three days of crazy impressions, stunning activities, and interaction with super coaches - Tetiana Ivanova, Oleksandr Horokhovsky, Andrii Yurychko, and then the completion of tasks received from the experts. Next, I conducted my own trainings for teachers and students of my school, city, and region.

Now, attending AUP webinars and workshops has become a mandatory part of my self-education and everyday life. I have collected a small library on media literacy thanks to the free publications distributed by the AUP. I use the materials in my professional activities and share them with my colleagues and students.

The Media Education in the State Standard manual came in handy in the fall of 2022 for the Media Literacy Week. My 6th grade students, who were active participants in the event, are very proud that we (not just me) received a certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science and the AUP.

The biggest achievement is that for the second year in a row I have been teaching a course on digital and media literacy at our educational complex No. 10 in Khmelnytskyi. I have been teaching the course "Digital and Media Literacy" for 6th and 7th graders for two years in a row. It was my coaching certificates that gave the administration the opportunity to introduce this special course into the invariant component of the curriculum.

Students like to practice media literacy, are fond of interactive exercises, and are happy to take online tests, games, and perform practical tasks using digital tools.

Specific examples and figures: in the 2021-2022 academic year, 180 students studied the special course. All-Ukrainian lessons on media literacy were held using the organizers' guidelines and materials. During the lessons, 7th grade students created their own Google sites on media literacy.

Students in grades 10-11 conducted talks for elementary school students on the "ABC of Vaccination or Educational Vaccination Against Misinformation from A to Z" and used the project's methodological package.

In this difficult academic year, 125 6th grade students are studying a special course. The children are interested in learning, are happy to complete tasks, participate in various activities, and use their new knowledge in other subjects.

My students bring new knowledge and skills to their families. They explain to the older generation how to fight fake news, what digital footprints are and how to stay safe on the Internet, and much more.

I believe that knowledge of media literacy should become a soft skill of every modern person, and media hygiene should be an unconditional habit and an incentive to new knowledge.

Thank you, AUP, dear coaches, managers, colleagues, for the opportunity to learn with you! Together to Victory!