Virtual opening of the project "Learn to Discern: Infomedia Literacy in Education"


On July 11, 2023, the virtual opening of the project "Learn to Discern: Infomedia Literacy in Education" took place for new participants who joined the project in a new wave of recruitment.

The team of the IREX project "Learn to Discern: Infomedia Literacy in Education" has been working for several years to introduce critical information perception skills in education. The project helps Ukrainian schools educate independent thinkers who are able to identify and resist harmful information influences.

At the beginning of the event, Yulia Kosharna, a representative of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, welcomed the participants: "Ukraine's best defense against disinformation is a well-educated civilian population that knows how to distinguish facts from fiction. Therefore, education is the key to countering disinformation. And it is you, the teachers, who are preparing Ukrainian youth to become leaders of civil society, because the fate of Ukrainian democracy will soon be in the hands of the children you teach, future voters, leaders, and activists. Thank you for your participation in the project, your work, and your efforts to combat disinformation, especially at this time. Only our joint efforts will help Ukraine win».

Raisa Yevtushenko, Chief Specialist of the Directorate of Preschool, School, Extracurricular and Inclusive Education at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, also joined the greetings. Ms. Yevtushenko noted that IREX and AUP have made a great contribution to the development of media literacy in Ukraine and addressed the participants: "Thank you, dear educators, for actually keeping the education system in Ukraine alive, both during COVID-19 and during the war. You are raising a generation that will build a prosperous Ukraine. You are the ones who instill values among students and form their competencies, and the main one is media literacy."

Valeriy Ivanov, President of the Academy of Ukrainian Press, noted that the AUP has been active in developing media literacy since 2019, and as a result, the organization has helped many citizens prepare for the war: "Many thanks to all donors, without you it would be impossible to implement many useful projects. I wish resilience and perseverance to those who join the project. You will learn a lot of interesting and useful things that your students need. I wish you to use them as effectively as possible in your work."

Natalia Betsa, Senior Program Manager of the IREX project "Learn to Discern: Infomedia Literacy," presented the activities of the new phase of the project, which aims to strengthen critical information perception skills among educators and students to combat disinformation and propaganda, as well as to create demand for quality information.

During the event, the participants also had the opportunity to meet with the project team, get acquainted with the methodology, curriculum, and infomediate literacy materials developed within the project, and learn about the next stages of participation.

In addition, the IREX team informed the participants that as a result of the expansion, 760 teachers and 315 new schools have joined the project community.

What is in store for the participants in the near future?

First of all, it is training in the integration of infomedia literacy into school subjects and access to a library of electronic materials for use in the educational process.

What educational opportunities does the project provide?

- In-person and online professional development events. Certified professional development courses.

- Communication with colleagues, exchange of experience in interactive modern formats in Ukraine and abroad.

- Educational products in various formats.

- Events for students and parents (guardians) in interesting and interactive formats.

- Competitions and relay races for teachers and students.

On behalf of the entire team, we wish you to boldly keep the line of the media-literate family and move forward in the world of truth and knowledge!

The project "Learn to Discern: Infomedia Literacy" is implemented by the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, and the Academy of Ukrainian Press.