Online game «Mediaznajko»

In May 22, 2014, The Academy of Ukrainian Press in cooperation with the Institute of Innovational Technology and Educational Content under the Ministry of Education and Science if Ukraine and with the Central Library for Youth introduced online game “Mediaznaiko”. This is the first media education game in Ukraine and its goal is to help consumers find out more about information/media space. This game is a part of media literacy course specially prepared for secondary school.

The game offers to go through 9 levels/stages and give the correct answers, become a journalist, prepare one’s own TV program, website and newspaper, discover how media works and what its influence.

“Mediaznaiko” was produced by the Media Initiative Center (Armenia) with the support of the World Bank while realizing the program “Alternative Resources for Media” in partnership with Internews (USA) with the support of USAID.

Ukrainian version of the game was prepared due to the support of “Bibliomist” program. The game was adapted to Ukrainian realities by the Academy of Ukrainian Press.

(Rozhevi Okuliary (“Pink Glasses”) program’s piece (Broadcasting Company Lviv, Rozhevi Okuliary program 05.06.2014)

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