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AUP has been using particularly the content analysis method as it has a number of significant advantages regarding the detection of biased information in media, namely:

  • Puts central aspect of the content forward that is analyzed considering such communicative means as text and on-air time;
  • Enables to conduct both quantitative and qualitative actions;
  • Provides historical understanding of events by analyzing texts;
  • Statistically analyzes the encoded text form;
  • Allows experts to interpret the text;
  • Method reliability rate makes 85-95% (for different categories of analysis) that is the highest level of reliability for such operations.

The categories of research:

  • Manipulation of leading media and their political bias;
  • Data on media and the situation in Ukrainian media;
  • Data on the quality reporting level, balance and pluralism of media content;
  • Data about the accessibility of political parties to media;
  • Accurate and research-based data regarding the level of information objectivity and balance as it is represented in media.
[ 09.08.2012 ] Monitoring of Political News


(Brief description and examples of monitoring results)

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