History of project “Social school”

In 2007 AUP initiated the project ‘School of Social Journalism’ where soically important issues are presented, which, from AUP experts’ point of view, are not introduced completely to Ukrainian people.

AUP has been organizing and conducting such events dedicated to the following topics:

  • How to write about the medical care reform
  • How to write about the energy capacity reform
  • How to write about the judicial reform
  • How to write about the administrative reform and decentralization
  • How to write about the economy accessibly
  • The world journalistic standards
  • EU policy in Ukrainian informational environment
  • EU standards of printed media. Management and marketing of newspapers
  • Online journalism
  • Journalistic standards in the conditions of martial conflict
  • Military reportage
  • Digital and physical security of journalists
  • Conflict-sensitive journalism

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