History of Crimea in the 1st half of the XXth century. Essays. Tutorial (Grade 10)


History of Crimea in the 1st half of the XXth century. Essays. Tutorial (Grade 10) / Tsalyk S.M., Mokroguz O.P., Volosheniuk O.V. / Edited by Volosheniuk O.V., Ivanova V.F., Yevtushenko R.I. - Kyiv: Academy of the Ukrainian Press, Center for Free Press, 2020 - 66 p.

ISBN 978-617-7370-20-7

The first of a series of arguments used by Russia to justify its occupation of Crimea is that the peninsula was allegedly part of ethnic "Slavic lands." This manual contains materials for history and civic education (grade 10) and shows how the purposeful policy of the Russian Empire and the USSR was conducted in order to create unfavorable conditions for the Crimean Tatar population and, vice versa, favorable for the Russians. The textbook contains a number of tests to develop skills in checking information sources, including visual ones, and critical thinking. The author's team brought together the well-known historian and essayist Stanislav Tsalyk and the experts of the Academy of the Ukrainian Press.

Tsalyk S.M. (chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5),

Mokroguz O.P., Volosheniuk O.V. (tests for chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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