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«Memory bank. Journalists, who died in the Russian-Ukrainian war» is a memorial in commemoration of professionals who fought on the information battlefront and whose lives were cut short as a result of the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022. This is an opportunity to pay respect and express gratitude to those who, with all the might of the words, defended Ukrainian nation from the enemy.

This project is focused on the guardians of Ukraine who were killed when exposing the insidious, violent, ruthless nature of the enemy by documenting the tragedy shared by millions of Ukrainians. We tell life stories of journalists
who became victims of military hostilities, shelling, physical torture. We report on those who left their jobs behind in February 2022 and went to the front to defend the country.

This memorial has stories of media workers to share. Written in artistic and journalistic fashion, the materials come in form of obituary with elements of character sketch.

All the information had been taken from open sources. The data had been thoroughly collected on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Ukrainian and foreign media outlets — any place that had mentioned the deceased.

A gadget, a physical device intended for storing and sharing information, is used as a medium for the concept of this memorial. Going through the screens, you can read from the memory bank with biography details of the deceased journalist.

Profession of a war journalist is defined by the risk, which in turn is driven by the impossibility of turning the blind eye, and the desire to be the voice for the voiceless, the face for the faceless. For the attempt to stop the murderous downward spiral, each in their own way, the press-cards of these media heroes will live in our memory forever.

This memorial — is a mere fraction of what we can do in memory of the deceased in the informational space.

Information about the project
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This project is developed by Academy of Ukrainian Press (AUP)
Funded by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Ukraine,
German Federal Foreign Office and Civil Society Cooperation,
in partnership with the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

Authored by Julia Kulyk, project coordinator for AUP.
Translated by Alisa Koverda.