Congratulate us, friends!


The Academy of Ukrainian Press (AUP) has won a tender and, with the support of Media Development Foundation, U.S. Embassy, Kyiv is launching a large-scale project aimed at organizing press tours to Ukraine for the foreign representatives of media from 15 EU countries as well as from Norway, Turkey, Georgia and Belarus.

These events are purposed to increase the number of journalistic materials and improve the quality of covering events in Ukraine by foreign media.  Generally, it is planned to conduct 16 press tours in Kyiv and Ukraine’s regions for 80 journalists throughout 24 months. The participants will choose one of the offered regions to make a trip: Donetsk region or Zakarpattia (Transcarpathian) region, in which we are going to meet with the local civil society organizations, politicians, state officials, economists, businessmen, armed forces, culture activists, etc. Duration for each press tour is 5 days. In 2019, the visits of foreign guests will take place in the periods: October 29 - November 02; November 19-23; and December 3-7.

As a result, AUP hopes to receive more TV spots, radio programs, print or online publications from the participants in accordance with what they will watch and hear. After each press tour, AUP will collect the links to the media materials published by the participants. Media publications will be translated into Ukrainian and the reviews will be given. Thus, AUP will be capable of observing the views of foreign press on events in Ukraine.

We remind, that AUP already held 7 five-day press toursfor over 40 foreign visitors from Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Latvia and Estonia from November 2018 to April 2019. It is possible to learn our publications under the link:



The Academy of Ukrainian Press with the support of Media Development Foundation, Embassy of the USA to Ukraine, is involved in ultimately efficient and trustworthy informing of the foreign  colleagues on events in Ukraine.  The World must know the truth without consuming fakes.