Viktor Petrov

SEPTEMBER 19, 1989 — MAY 26, 2023


Viktor chose a callsign «Leleka» [Stork]. He said this bird always comes back home. Him joining the Armed Forces came as a shock for the family. Irena, Viktor’s mother, said they could hide their son, sneak him out across the border, but he did not allow it: «He would have never forgiven himself for this cowardice. I was not able to stop him, I didn’t even try. I knew he would not have forgiven me and himself».

The journalist was drafted at the end of 2022. He fought in the 54th separate mechanized brigade of Ivan Sirko on the eastern front. He was promoted to lieutenant. Before his demise, Viktor was the company commander and was in charge of over 100 servicemen, who held him in high regard.

Viktor was born in Lviv. He went to school No 13, private junior high school «Eureka», and later enrolled in the «Oriiana» high school. He graduated from the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, international relations faculty, and finished military department with a rank of junior lieutenant.

Viktor worked at a youth non-profit organization «Society Initiatives Institute». He was the first editor-in-chief of «Sykhiv Media», and co-founder, producer and creative manager of WHAT IF creative studio. The journalist initiated a series of other projects, contributing significantly to the overall growth of the country.

For the last five years of his life, Viktor refrained from eating meat: he decided to save animals in this way. He separated his garbage, did not consume alcohol, did not smoke. He donated blood for the cancer patients regularly, and helped 22 children this way. Back in 2019, Viktor posted on his social media page: «Ukrainians are a skeptical and rather impatient nation. <...> Real changes are painful, difficult, not always obvious, especially considering the never-ending outer and inner roadblocks. Time is also necessary».

His family says that Viktor was a true intellectual. You could take on any subject with him for hours with no end. His mom Irena recalls that he was more than just a good and caring son. He was a mentor, friend, brother, psychologist, wise and gifted person. «What was my child killed for?» – the bereaved mother begs for the answer.

Viktor was laid to rest at the Lychakiv military cemetery in Lviv.